February 11, 2019
Why Every Photographer Needs a Professional Studio

Photographers have so many options to advance their career. With so many options, one question always comes up:

Why should YOU consider renting a photography studio?

When you’re building your own photography business, you have 3 venue options:

  1. Makeshift Indoor Studio
  2. Outdoor On-Site Location
  3. Professional Studio

Each of these photoshoot locations has their pros and cons. Which is the right fit for you?

#1: Makeshift At-Home Studio

Home studios can be great investments if you plan to expand your business. You can customize the gear you have available and photography space based on your budget.

The only problem?

Never forget that you’ll need cash to go along with this to finish your projects. Your personal studio can only be as advanced as the wallet that funds it.

The startup costs depend on the desired studio. You’ll need:

  • Studio space
  • Props for special occasion photos
  • Multiple light sources
  • Multi-colored backdrops for your wall
  • Camera and accessories
  • Waiting area
  • Dressing room

Doing freelance photography right out of your home may work with referrals, but as you grow you’ll want to appear more professional to clients.

#2: Outdoor On-Site Location

Being outdoors can give you amazing views and one-of-a-kind moments. It’s all about that natural sunlight, those spectacular views, and nailing your timing perfectly. Photographers are hired to capture special events and meaningful locations.


The major downside is the unpredictability.

No matter what, photography outdoors means that you can’t control the moments you capture. Factors to consider include:

  • Weather
  • Lighting & Shadows
  • Extreme Temperature
  • Random cameos in your photos

Weather, people, the environment, anything can happen when you shoot outdoors. When you schedule a day for a photoshoot, you never know what will happen, what lighting you’ll get, etc.

Running a photography business is difficult to schedule when your only venue is outdoors; cancellations due to weather or other issues may come up.

All things considered… when done right, you can capture moments that take your breath away.

#3: Renting a Professional Studio

If it’s your first time, it may seem daunting to walk into a studio space you rented for $100-200 per hour. You scheduled the time, now what?

Take advantage of the amenities!

Most studios offer options in addition to the basic rental space.

You can rent additional gear, light sources, green screen equipment, certified hair and makeup artists, wardrobe and stylists, paper backdrops, a painted cyclorama wall, and even have access to their programs for post-editing.

…If you end up really loving it, sign on for a monthly membership and receive a discount for doing more of what you love!

Renting a photography studio is a great option for you to have the control needed for a successful photoshoot while also appearing professional to clients.

The most important thing is to always... Have fun shooting!

January 17, 2019
You’re coming to Vegas for a Convention:
What’s next?

So it’s convention season in Las Vegas and you received an invite to present your product at a major convention or trade show. Now you’re probably wondering…

How am I going to stand out and make the most of this visit when I’m surrounded by companies wanting to do the same?

Las Vegas being the Entertainment Capital of the World hosts a season fully dedicated to big events like CES, SEMA, ConExpo, National Association of Broadcasters, Magic Marketplace Spring Show, and so much more. Only the top organizations are standing out.

The only way to get your company noticed is to market your product and brand through storytelling. Narrating your brand story will let your viewers experience what only your organization can give.

#1: Anticipation Before the Event

Everyone attending has a list of the top 3 company booths that they want to visit. Make it your mission to be on that list. Build anticipation for your appearance through social media, google ad campaigns, and collaboration with influencers. Generating excitement before your Las Vegas conference is one of the best ways to stand out.

#2: Put Those Screens to Work!

At every convention, there are a sea of booths where visitors stroll through, searching for the next biggest thing to catch their eye. Other than pictures, brochures, and company-branded party favors, you’re provided with large screens. Don’t just have your logo up there!

This is your opportunity to have previews of your product in action, how it was crafted, add visual effects to your footage. This will let your potential clients and customers experience the brand the way you want it to be seen and build trust with your audience. “Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared 10% when reading it in text” (Forbes, 2018). So get a video produced to have your company stick out in the mind of consumers!

#3: Network & Enjoy the Conference

It’s not all about you! Take this opportunity to explore and learn because you’re not just here to talk about yourself.

Talk to people! Staying stagnant in a fast-paced industry can end a company. Same applies for the conference you’re attending. Learning what companies are doing by seeing if you’re behind, ahead, or mediocre will determine where you stand amongst those in your business. Jot down notes on what the competitors are doing and adapt your product to your own innovative ideas.

#4: Recap Video

While there, you should have a production team by your side. With a great team to get footage and details of the event, you can sit back without any worries. People who weren’t able to attend that conference can live the experience through the recap video you got produced.

Post it to social media, put it in your newsletters, and on your website. You attended a major conference in Las Vegas and everyone should see your contributions to the industry as a company.

#5: Experience

Now that you’ve gone to Las Vegas, attended a conference, and worked with a production team, you’ll see how easy it is to work with production studio.

There are 3 main steps to this process:

  • The first meeting

    This is where you’ll receive a quote with no surprise corporate fees. With only one point of contact, the production team will be on the front lines with you every step of the way.

  • Transform your ideas

    Put together your vision with a creative director that will conceptualize and brainstorm ideas with you

  • Let the Producers Produce

    We’ll do all the preparation, research, and planning necessary to go beyond expectations for your business and product. Through capturing the main event footage, the crew will meet you onsite with exclusive interviews and customer testimonials. Then it’s just putting everything together with the power of post production edits!

With attention to detail, A&G Studio will go beyond expectations and deliver quality, creativity, and passion in all productions we craft.

November 2, 2018
Is it the right move for your business?

As a whole, we can all agree that marketing is the best move for any business. Getting your name out there and establishing yourself, as a brand, is the ultimate goal and it all leads to customer loyalty and eventually the bottom-line, right?

What they haven’t talked about is the “how”. How can you get this boost of awareness, sales leads, customer satisfaction, and perception of the brand? Well, there’s the obvious:

  • Have a direction & purpose
  • Know who you’re targeting
  • Stay consistent in your messages
  • Launch marketing campaigns

That’s the strategy, anyway. Which is much easier said than done. It seems like we now have more questions than answers. Let’s tackle the knitty-gritty details, shall we?

The Content Producers that Suit You

Choosing the right creative producers will go a long way, not only in your bottom-line, but your company image. It’s the difference between a clear and meaningful message versus a poor quality video.

Here are a few questions that’ll help guide your decision:

#1 - Do you even need a production?

Sure, this is a question for your marketing team. Whether you’re a small business, part of a large corporate company, or everything in between, there’s a custom production for everyone. Understand the need for a production, who are you targeting, how will you reach them, what kind of production you’ll need.

  • Professional photography done in-studio or on-site
  • Motion graphics for an interactive animated logo
  • Training videos
  • Traditional commercials
  • Radio commercials
  • Quick promo videos
  • Recap videos
  • Fancy post-editing schematics

The list goes on. Whatever you’re looking for, they’ll make it happen.

#2 - Should you outsource if you have your own in-house production team?

Maybe you feel like outsourcing isn’t for you because you already have a team working on the advertising. These marketing production teams can offer you more. Remember, they offer different experiences, perspectives, and are experts in their field. This might be the something that gives your company that boost it needs to increase sales.

Sure, it might seem overwhelming and they’re all trying to win your trust because we all know that...

The company you choose is one of the biggest decisions you will make.

#3 - How do you choose a studio out of all the options?

This might be the hardest part. While there’s no simple Match.com-like algorithm to find the perfect partner in production, here are some simple tips to follow.

  • Do your research!

    Chances are if they’re a reputable content creator, they’ll have a portfolio. Take your time and look it over! Gauge to see if they customize their work to suit each business and its needs. Don’t settle for shoddy work.

  • Never hurts to work out of state!

    There are talented production companies that will travel to you or work virtually, giving you top quality service, product, and communication. Great business goes beyond state borders!

  • Aim for a boutique family business with no big corporate pricing!

    They care about the success of your project where you aren’t just a number! These creative producers will seek to get the attention of your target market while reflecting your business the way you want it to be seen. They’ll work to understand your company and customize your production.

  • It’s not all business!

    When looking into companies, don’t forget that you’re not just another sales transaction. This industry is all about relationship building and gaining referrals, so your satisfaction with the end product and the process it took to get there matters!

#4 – Lastly, never forget to:

“Work with people you’d love to work with again...”
A&G Studio

Guided by a passion for creating opportunity out of challenges and producing the highest quality product, we believe in super-serving our clients throughout the entire production process. We’re proud to be something different for each of our clients. From pre through post, video production or audio production, we help bring our clients vision to life.